How to buy Dogecoin (DOGE) in Canada!

Hi My name is Maged,

And I have a good Advice for you πŸ‘Œβ€οΈ

Step by step, How to buy Dogecoin (DOGE) easy and quick in canada! 😎

For Canadians πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ it is hard to find a place that doesn’t require a credit card to buy Cryptocurrency as most of the banks not allowing such transactions!

Imagine that you can buy DOGE and more other promising currencies using E-transfer, direct bank deposit, or wire transfer!

Sound Great!!

This not the only privilege you will get using NDAX platform.

NDAX is a Canadian based company which will make it easier for you to trade using CAD as your basic trading currency. Of course like me I believe most of whoever looking to buy DOGE in Canada totally new to the field! and thats why NDAX is the most perfect πŸ‘Œ platform to use as a new trader! and here is why!, The Dashboard is so easy to be figured. ( It took me no-time at all to start the game ).

Below you can find slideshow explaining how to start the trading journey!


Using my referral link to create your NDAX account will help me and support my family. πŸ™

Remember when I asked you to use my Referral Link?

Here is the reason and the proof πŸ‘Œ

First, lets agree that cryptocurrency is a truth and will be part of our future, so any effort you will put in such a program will bring something in return!

Once you use the link I provided to setup your account and make a 100$ deposit, we both will get 10$ each. sounds mmmmmm! not too much? lets look at levels you can reach by getting involved in such a program!

NDAX have 3 levels of the program

  • Avid
  • Ambassador
  • Partner

As you see in the screenshot above I am listed in the Partner Level which leads us to the next screenshot,

Since the DOGE thing started and since I found out about NDAX I spent only 30 minutes spreading my word about how to buy dogecoin (DOGE) in canada, and I never expected such reaction!

+1400 Clicks!

+250 Conversions ( Conversions is when a user use my link and make at least one deposit )

From the 280 conversions I got +140 conversions that legible* to the affiliate program level rewards which is 25 CAD FOR EACH!

*only users who deposit 100CAD minimum are the users you get paid for

+3000 CAD only from the affiliate program!! (it shows 745 because the amount of users registered in the last week is huge and the company team trying the best to follow up with all type of transactions! anyway, why the rush! 😁

If I did it, you can do it!

Using my referral link to create your NDAX account will help me and support my family. πŸ™

In case you want to ask about anything, please leave comment and I will happily try to help.


P.P.S – According to the huge amount of people trying to get into the DOGE you might face a delay in the customer support reply from NDAX team,

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